Open Science Network

Our website is being updated!

Open Science Network has created Vancouver’s first Community Biolab. We are a community of scientists, artists, makers, engineers, writers, tinkerers, hackers, citizen scientists, and professional scientists who have banded together to create an open community lab where we can gather to share ideas, knowledge, equipment, and opinions in a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

As the Vancouver contingent of DIYbio, we are committed to providing a network where researchers can become educated and connected to the world of open wetware and open science investigation. The OSN is interested in engaging anyone and everyone whether they are scientists, writers, artists, or everyday citizens concerned and interested in the practice of science both locally and globally. Join us!

We are on Meetup, Twitter and Google groups.

If you would like to be added to our newsletter, please add your email at the bottom of the page. We don’t share our email list with anyone other than Gregor Mendel. And that won’t hurt you unless you are a pea. No punnett intended!

Our current home is at in the heart of Strathcona.

Visit us at our weekly Open Lab Wednesday.

Open Lab Wednesdays

When: Every Wednesday from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Where: at 780 East Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC

Come meet our Biohackers, Mad Scientists, and Artistes. Conceived in the spirit of the VHS’s open nights, Open Lab Wednesdays is an opportunity for an informal meet’n’greet at our lab and to to bring whatever you are working on, whatever ideas you have, to the lab bench. Brewing something at home that you wanna talk about? Bring it on! Curious about what OSN really is? What we do? Quench that thirst at Open Lab Wednesdays. The bench is yours!

There are no requirements for these meetups, just come yourself or with a friend, meet anyone and everyone involved, learn about projects, propose your own, and see our lab as it has evolved until now! Be part of the evolution. This is the ground floor and we are going up!

Open Science Network - Vancouver's first Community Biolab

If you are interested in learning more about us whilst we ready our site please contact us below.