The Lab and Safety

Our Community Laboratory

We offer our members access to many of the essentials for a full-fledged biosafety level I molecular biology lab, including centrifuges, shakers, microscopes, PCR machine, Microplate reader, gel electrophoresis and gel documentation system, fridges and freezers, incubators & waterbaths, pippets, Speed Vac centrifugal evaporator and gel dryer, a small desktop autoclave.

We also have a biosafety cabinet and two water-jacketed CO2 incubators which will form the basis for a BioSafety Level II lab space to be setup at some stage in the future depending in part on sponsorship and donations. At the moment they just look good in the lab.

As we expand our membership and funding support we plan to increase our lab space.

Laboratory Safety

Safety of Vancouver’s first community biolab is paramount to us. Open Science Network is fully committed to providing a safe laboratory environment for all of our members and visitors. Experiments are carried out with strictly non-pathogenic organisms. Safety and equipment training is required and is provided to all members. As we grow we hope to establish an external advisory board of distinguished academic, government and industry professionals.

Until the Public Health Agency of Canada publishes their Risk Containment 1 policies as part of their Canadian Biosafety Standards and Guidelines we are following the US CDC’s BioSafety Level 1 policies.

OSN at Mini Maker Faire

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