Our Mission

Open Science Network Society is a British Columbia incorporated nonprofit society dedicated to promoting open citizen science through providing a community-supported biology laboratory that is safe, accessible, inclusive, affordable, and open to members. By sharing equipment we reduce the barriers to science permitting citizen scientists, hobbyists, artists, students and entrepreneurs to work on personal projects, collaborate with others, and learn new skills. OSN also focuses some of its resources on promoting science education to youth and adults in British Columbia.

We are Membership Supported

Open Science Network was founded by a group of science enthusiasts who come from different walks of life – artists, engineers, computer scientists and biologists. Members help us pay our bills, if you show up for more then a few nights we would suggest that you become an OSN member and help support us. Come to our biolab – Vancouver’s first community biolab – during Open Lab Wednesday where are are open to the public and learn all about us.

Adult Education and Outreach

We agree with our colleagues at Genspace that the best way to inform the dialogue about 21st century science is to have the stakeholders understand it from a hands-on perspective. To that end, we offer workshops to people with no prior lab training by providing an immersive experience. We also provide a variety of talks with our Speaker’s Series, Open Lab Wednesdays and journal clubs discussing topical research papers throughout the year.

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