Events are posted on our Meetup group

Visit the Open Science Network Meetup pagePlease visit the Open Science Network Meetup group and register, if you haven’t already. This is where we will be posting all our events. These events and other news will also be added to our MailChimp Newsletter so please sign up for that in the sidebar.


Suggest an Event

We are open to ideas for events be it Speaker’s Series public talk, a group or personal project that you would like to work on at OSN’s lab, an Open Lab Wednesday gathering or an outreach event to a community event of yours. Please feel free to propose and event by using the form below. We are particularly interested in events that you help us create. OSN is run by a dedicated group of volunteers so the more members we have willing to setup and/or participate in creating an event the more chance it has of coming to reality. The board of Open Science Network Society will review each submission to evaluate the merits of the proposal.



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