Please note that due to the current BC Public Health Orders regarding Covid-19 access to the community lab is restricted. Supporting members can join in on our Thursday evening Zoom sessions. Details are provided to members. Please contact us if you would like further information.

Friends of OSN

For those who tinkerers who may be too busy to take full busy of a Full Membership. You're just getting started and want to build up your DIYbio knowledge.

$10/Month — What do I get?

  • Open Lab Support
  • Warm fuzzy feelings knowing that you’re chipping in for a great cause

Associate Membership

Put on your creative cap, roll up your sleeves, raise a pipette and dig into the awesomeness of biology. Engage with community through classes and events.

$30/Month — What do I get?

  • Open lab support
  • Discounts on Workshops
  • Access to Thursday evening SynBio classes
  • Free safety training & orientation

Full Membership

You're ready to hit the ground running (with support from OSN ready whenever you need it) and you've got some projects in mind or already have some that you're working on.

$80/month – What do I get?

  • Open lab support
  • Personal storage space in lab fridge & freezer
  • Access to the members-only resources and all the exciting equipment and some consumables.
  • Key access to special equipment store.
  • A vote at every member meeting. Attendance required.
  • Free safety training & orientation