STEM Mentoring Cafe


• the main body or stalk of a plant or shrub
• an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

OSN Stem Mentoring Cafe at Templeton Secondary School, Vancouver

The STEM Mentoring Cafe is an event that provides an opportunity for high school and home learning students to meet with STEM professionals from many fields. At past events we’ve had representatives from, for example, TRIUMF, Life Sciences BC, 1QBit, UBC, and SFU. Fields represented include molecular biology, physics, computer sciences, mathematics, engineering, zoology, and more.

Combined, the STEM Mentoring Cafe has introduced over 50 STEM mentors to nearly 120 students. OSN has hosted the following STEM Mentoring Cafe events.

  • UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, May 2016
  • A mini-cafe for Quantum Leaps 2017, April 2017
  • SFU Faculty of Science, May 2017
  • Templeton Secondary School, November 2017

Our next event will be in May 2018 at UBC. For more information about our STEM Mentoring Cafe or if you would like to volunteer as a STEM mentor please email us at

If you would like to support our STEM Mentoring Cafe through sponsorship please email us at

The STEM Mentoring Cafe has received sponsorships and support from:
SFU Faculty of Science Community Outreach


Sponsored by Mills Office Productivity
And Vancouver SOUP

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