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Welcome to Open Science Network, Vancouver’s first Community Science Lab. We are a community of scientists, artists, makers, engineers, writers, tinkerers, hackers, citizen scientists, and professional scientists who have banded together to create an open community lab where we can gather to share ideas, knowledge, equipment, and opinions in a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

OSN is committed to science outreach, participating in many local events including the Richmond Public Library Science Bash and UBC Woodward Library Science Literacy event. OSN also hosts the STEM Mentoring Cafe which provides high school students to find out more about STEM fields such as engineering, molecular biology, physics, etc. By inviting STEM Mentors to the event, the students are given the opportunity to engage directly with the mentors.

See our meetup page for our events listing.

  • A biohacker extracting his own DNA.

Open Science Network - Vancouver's first Community BiolabOpen Science Network is dedicated to supporting the pursuit of citizen science and democratized research. Our society shares a critical interest in the Science 2.0 movement, which we believe has the potential to work towards a more ethical, open and democratic model of scientific practice. We are participants in the DIYbio movement.

The OSN is interested in engaging anyone and everyone, no matter your science background – whether you are a scientist, writer, artist or just sci-curious and are interested in the practice of science at the local and global level. We are committed to providing a network that enables researchers to become educated and connected to the world of open hardware, wetware and science investigation.

What is DIYBio?

Below is a curated collection of YouTube videos that gives a good idea or what we hope to achieve with Vancouver’s first Community Biolab. Enjoy and then come and learn!


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